I’m Carla, wife, mom, business owner and photographer. Hopefully, you're here because my style speaks to you and you're ready to get your confidence back. Booking a session with me is like reconnecting with an old friend, going to therapy, yoga and happy hour but in lingerie...all the things you needed to feel like yourself again. Plus, you get smoking hot photos. I mean that sounds like a pretty darn good day to me!

Hey, babe!

Boudoir sessions aren't just about having sexy photographs taken. It's a decision to say, "I am beautiful just as I am."

I understand what my clients are going through. Us women are juggling a lot in life between having careers, being in relationships and becoming mothers. It’s no ones fault or intentions, but we start to put everything and everyone else first and kind of lose ourselves for a bit. On top of all of that, our bodies are ever changing. 

The best thing you can do for yourself is to see your beauty, be confident and love yourself JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. You don't need to change a single thing. I'm here to show you that. You might think boudoir photo sessions are just about having sexy photographs taken, but you will walk away feeling like a confident badass, physically and mentally! And you'll wish you booked your session sooner!

I’ve been married to my hubby, Justin, for almost 15 years, and we live in Southern Maryland with our two sweet kiddos. Nine years ago, I was juggling a corporate job and part time photography business focusing on families and weddings. When my friend asked if I would take her boudoir photographs, I had no idea just how empowering this session would be for the both of us.

Now, it’s been six years since I made the leap and quit my corporate job to be a full time boudoir photographer. Having my own insecurities, part of me thought it was such a crazy idea I now had a career in hyping other women up. Quickly, I realized that’s exactly why this is my jam!

"talk to yourself like someone you love."
- Brene Brown

I would love to have a reality show about my family 😂 

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